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What shipping costs? We also offer free delivery to restaurants, juice bars, chefs and more!  Free delivery is available for businesses within the service area map above, or a small delivery fee may apply to those outside of the free delivery area. Delivery fee may vary depending on the distance and quantity of produce ordered. Restaurants and residents must be on a three-month contract for a pound or more of produce per week in order to qualify for free delivery! We schedule deliveries between 1 and 3 pm every Monday, but drop-off times may be adjusted for your specific restaurant or business. We also take custom orders and growing requests! 

To view a copy of our three-month delivery contract, click the PDF document above. 

With questions about custom crops and delivery, contact us at

Looking to build a vertical farm in your home or office?

We're here to help! Contact us to find out how to get your own vertical farm set up in your home, school, or office!

Did you know one vertical farm unit can grow 10 to 20 pounds of food every 3 to 6 weeks? We'll purchase, deliver, and construct your specialized indoor farm at any location within a 5-mile radius of business in South Kensington. We'll even give you a comprehensive lesson plan to teach you how to maintain it (for an additional package).


For more information, call or text us at 215-341-2926 or email